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January/February 2010 Newsletter

Thanks for making the Sand Dollar
the most popular dive boat in Southern California.

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bunch of junk mail to you, just a notification that the newsletter changed, and
the link to it. Just send us your request at:

Rising and Falling Fuel Costs !!

The escalation of fuel prices brought a small
fuel surcharge on trips for a short while.
We thank you for your understanding. A trip
that used $400 in fuel about two years ago
took over $1,100 at the recent prices.
Lets hope that fuel costs get stabilized.

Wait till you see our Remodeled Galley
It is really nice, come see it soon!

The decks were all recovered in December, and look great.
The entire boat is being repainted now, and more!

The question about Oxygen Cleaning

Despite what may be posted on BBS boards, chat rooms
or advertisements, agencies and manufacturers have
something in common: they ALL agree that cylinders
that will be used with Oxygen content above 23.5%
should be rendered Oxygen Clean. There will always
be those who want to believe some other standard
exists, but it simply does not. Read what one of
the largest manufacturers of cylinders says:
*Luxfer's Position on EAN-Nitrox*
then you decide what to believe.

Summer Multi-Day Trips

Love to dive? On a Two-Day trip you get 4 times
the diving than you would on two 1-day trips. You
are at an island ready to dive by 7 or 8AM. When
a 1-day trip would be over, you still have the rest
of the afternoon, and night diving, too. On day 2
you are ready to start and can get in two dives
before a day boat even made it to the island.
Join us soon for a great Multi-day trip.

Gossip - Rumors - Rumors - Gossip

There always seem to be some rumor or another
spread on gossip boards.  Generally they are posted
by misinformed individuals that hope to generate some
attention for them or detract from others. It is interesting
to see how far off base the rumor posters can be. If you look
at some schedules, we do more Multi-day trips in a month than
they'll do all year, yet they call themselves a "Liveaboard" !!
There is a reson we do the most trips. Our trips are better!!
Repeat business - We get it because we earn it.

You can count on the Sand Dollar - We'll see you soon.

2009 Fishing Licenses

The cost for 2010 Fishing licenses has changed !!

Annual Resident $41.50 (+4.75 Ocean Enhancement)
One Day license (doesn't include lobsters) $13.40
Two Day license (doesn't include lobsters) $20.75
Ten Day license (doesn't include lobsters) $41.50
Lobster Report Card $8.40
Of course we will have all of them available on the boat.

Hawaii - Kona

If you are looking for a great get-a-way to Hawaii,
we have a special discount available for a condo on
the edge of Kona, and discounts on diving with some
very good dive operators. Our arrangement is with the
Kona Reef Resort, it's a great oceanfront condominium
resort, and each unit has a full kitchen with a dishwasher,
range, oven, microwave, etc. Inside each unit is washer and
dryer, and a bedroom, a living area, a dining area and lanai.
These condos also have high speed wireless internet access.
Reservations and Photos for all 3 of our units are on-line.
Check Availability by choosing a unit below:
Unit B-2 - Unit B-5 - Unit B-32
Or you can visit Kona Condos Website, for more information.

The Kona Reef is only a few minutes walk to Kona Town
and almost directly across the street from Hard Rock Cafe
and the Outback Steakhouse. It is without a doubt the most
convenient location in Kona. For more information on a stay
at the Kona Reef Resort, and some great diving while you are
in Kona, Hawaii please call Dia at our office . . 951-737-4536
The Kona Reef has a great place for our guests and friends.

Real Dive Trips !!

The Sand Dollar has a real schedule of trips
that really run. If you actually want to go diving
this Summer and Fall, a reservation for a
trip that is really scheduled makes sense.
Don't get stuck at the dock when some
"open boat" didn't get enough divers
signed up. If you really want to dive,
then reserve on a real dive trip !!
"open boat" too often means "hope'n boat"

Spring trips fill fast - - Reserve Early !

Please Reserve Early-Don't Miss the Boat !


Dive America !! Dive California !!

Besides being among the best diving in the world,
California is in the USA. You can drive to the point
of departure, or fly to Los Angeles, and take shuttle.
Our temperate waters are 60-70 degrees, and have the
variety of dive conditions that make it among the top
destinations in the world. A wetsuit is not too much of
a bother to enjoy some great California, (USA) diving !!

News .. News .. News .News.News.. News .. News

Our dive trips are popular and repeat business is
our primary goal. We want you to have a great time,
and we want you to return often. If you have any
special request, please let us know and we will do
our very best to try to accomodate your needs.

Giant Black Sea Bass - Dive with them!
A lot of our trips are including this rare treat!
There are about 10-12 of these beauties hanging
out, and they are very friendly (even with bubbles).

Come Diving Soon - Bring a Friend!

The Sand Dollar always has its' high standards,
pure drinking water, tested pure breathing air,
unlimited free airfills, our famous great meals,
EAN-Nitrox available, camera rentals, back
up systems, and experience. You deserve it!
Check out a comparison chart -- chose wisely !
The Sand Dollar, experts in Nitrox, and the
Rebreather friendly dive boat of California.

The Best .. Count on us .. To be sure !!

We also think our friends deserve the best breathing air !
That's why we have a few years worth of air tests posted.
You'll notice that our air is rated "oxygen compatible",
a standard that is much higher than "Grade E" which is
considered the minimum standard for breathing air. But
if you don't see air tests, or a boat doesn't test their air,
who really knows what you are breathing ? Find out !!
For example, the oil content (you breathe it !) of our
air is less than .03 mg/m3 ! We breathe our air, too !

Grade "E" that others have (if they tested it) can have
5 mg of oil, and 2 ppm of carbon monoxide. Our
air tests more than 150 times better than that !

Enriched Air - Nitrox .. .. Enriched Air - Nitrox

There is a correct way of producing Nitrox, approved by
every agency, authority, association, and regulation. It's
the way we produce Enriched Air-Nitrox. We believe the
right way is the only way. We have a completely Oxygen
Clean System, and use Hydrocarbon-free (oil-free) Air !!

If the test isn't there .. you can't trust the air !!

Thanks for reading "Charter Chatter" and
we appreciate your business. Be sure to
get notification when the newsletter is
changed, by being on our E-mail list.

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